Northcott EA voted up

This morning Northcott announced the results of the vote on your enterprise agreement (EA).

58% of the 1,800 Northcott employees who participated voted yes in support of the EA. This is a clear majority though not an overwhelming one, with over 700 employees voting against the EA who will be disappointed at today’s result. There have been some significant improvements to the EA and the work of your HSU Bargaining Team in fighting hard for these should be commended. But Northcott’s unwillingness to budge on wages and conditions for transferred employees has been central to this outcome, and management has a long way to go to build trust amongst its workforce.

What happens now?

The EA will now go to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to be assessed against what is called the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT). This means every condition in the EA will be considered against the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Industry Award.

The HSU Bargaining Team raised throughout the bargaining process concerns about classifications, advocating for a fairer alignment in Support Worker classifications that is consistent with the Award. However, this was not agreed upon by Northcott. We will raise these concerns with the FWC where it will be decided whether or not the EA passes BOOT and is approved. We will keep members informed throughout the process.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the result or what happens next, contact your HSU Organiser Thomas Gao on [E-Mail not displayed].

Finally, I want to acknowledge your HSU Bargaining Team Annmarie Dzonlagic, Grace Curgenven, Kim Watts, Lesley Ann Smith, Melanie James, Tordis Bugler and Tracy Martin. It has been a gruelling 12 months, but they have continued to fight for each and every member to get the best outcome possible. On behalf of HSU members, thank you.