Notification of Workplace Change: Newcastle Linen

When COVID hit in early 2020, Newcastle Linen management identified there needed to be a separation of the day shift and night shift. The result was that the day shift workers had their start time moved from 6am to 4:30am. More than 2 years later, HealthShare Newcastle Linen want to move the day shift start time back to 6am. A memo was sent to staff providing 2 weeks’ notice for the change.

Recently, two delegates and your HSU Organiser met with management to further discuss this change. The HSU pointed out that because this change would significantly affect HSU members, HealthShare would need to consult with members. After the meeting, we emailed HealthShare to formally advise them to send correspondence to the HSU.

HealthShare have now provided this information and you can read it here at this link.

Once we received this email, members contacted the Union to advise management had directed them to start at 6am on Monday 4 July. Your Union contacted HealthShare HR immediately and reminded them as we are now in the consultation period, the status quo is to be maintained and members are to continue to start at their regular start time of 4:30am.

We’re now seeking your feedback around the change in shift patterns. Please provide your feedback by COB Wednesday 13 July to [E-Mail not displayed] with the subject line Newcastle Linen shift times.