NSLHD: Mona Vale Hospital and Community Health Allied Health staff dispute update

HSU members are currently in dispute with Northern Sydney Local Health District under the Work Health Safety Act in relation to the ongoing understaffing, burn-out, fatigue and stress occurring for Allied Health staff at Mona Vale Hospital and Community Health. HSU members have met with management on three occasions to put forward clear and unequivocal requests:


  1. Increase staffing immediately.
  2. Until staffing is increased, place caps on the work of Allied Health staff.


These are not unreasonable requests. If there are not enough nurses or doctors, work will stop. If there’s not enough Allied Health staff, those who remain are required to work to the bone.


Members appreciate that hospital management have acknowledged the seriousness of the issues raised and made some improvements. However, there is more to do to fix the underlying structural staffing issues.


HSU representatives will be on site to conduct a Work Health Safety meeting for all-staff on November 1 at 12:30-1:30pm in the BRU large meeting room. This meeting will be an opportunity for discussion and decision on the next steps prior to a meeting with management on November 8.


Hospital management have confirmed that all staff will be provided time to attend the meeting and work should be scheduled around this meeting in advance.


Please bring your colleagues with you – this is our chance to address years of neglect!

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