Advocacy for Podiatrists: Join the HSU Allied Health Working Group

Dear Member,

For years, HSU members have been agitating and organising for Award reform. Having secured agreement from the NSW Government to commence this reform, members have formed an Allied Health Award Working Group to advocate for improved pay and conditions for professionals. The Working Group is calling on HSU podiatrists to join the working group and have your say!

  1. Championing the profession
  • Your voice is crucial: A greater number of podiatrists amplify collective voice and the capacity to make change.
  • Your position in the process: The HSU represents the interest of Allied Health professionals within the public health system, it is important for public practicing podiatrists to represent the needs for the profession in negotiations.

    2. Enhancing professional recognition

  • Addressing misconceptions: The prevailing perception of podiatrists fails to capture the depth and specialisation of the role. Such misconceptions jeopardise remuneration, particularly during pay modernisation initiatives.

    3. Distinct expertise of public practicing podiatrists

  • Advanced practice skills: Advanced diagnostic, interpretative, and technical skills. A new Award must reflect the advanced skills and scope of practice for practitioners.

  • Addressing pay disparities: Remuneration should reflect changing skills and responsibilities. Now is a chance to rectify the inadequate wages and conditions public practicing podiatrists experience.

    4. Navigating the complexities of ‘High Risk Foot’ practice

  • Expertise in a specialised field: High Risk Foot Services necessitate a profound understanding of severe lower limb traumas, infections, and ulcerations. Both junior and senior practitioners in this area boast specialised knowledge and navigate intricate challenges which should be recognised.

    5.The distinct challenges confronted by podiatry managers

  • Overseeing multiple facilities: Given the smaller clinician cohort, many managers find themselves supervising multiple facilities, a dynamic not adequately represented in the current FTE-based award.

  • Navigating part-time staff dynamics: As a significant portion of podiatry staff work part-time, the actual staff count frequently exceeds the FTE, introducing complexities in management, training continuity, and overall operations.

How can you get involved?

To join the Allied Health Working Group, simply email your expression of interest to [E-Mail not displayed].

If you’re not yet a member, now is the time to join your union! We have a huge opportunity to collectively change your working conditions forever. Only by advocating together can we achieve this change!

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