NSW Government mandates 3rd dose for aged care & disability support workers

The NSW Government has now mandated that aged care and disability support workers are required to have three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by 12 April 2022 or by 6 weeks from the due date (whichever is the later). Due date means 13 weeks from the date you received your second dose.

You can view the Public Health Order here:


The HSU is seeking further clarification about what exemption, if any, may apply to workers who have been or will be unable to receive a third dose in the timeframe because they have contracted COVID.

The decision to mandate a third dose is based on the health advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). The HSU continues to strongly support vaccinations and the important role it plays in keeping workers and the vulnerable safe. However, I understand the frustrations of members who have just lived through Omicron and the consequences of ‘let it rip’ approach taken by the same NSW Government now mandating the third dose. The only consistency in the approach from both the Federal and State governments about aged care and disability services has been its inconsistency.

While many workers have already received their third dose, I understand that some members have found it challenging due largely to dealing with COVID outbreaks at work. Others are now dealing with the flood crisis across the state. Your employer should have information about accessing vaccinations through ‘in reach’ or local vaccination programs. There’s also a number of regional workers hubs that can be found here:


If you are having difficulty accessing an appointment, email [E-Mail not displayed] for support. If you have any questions about the Public Health Order or any other matter, please contact the Members Services Division on 1300 478 679.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the work of members over the last two years, but particularly these last three months. Yours continues to be a superhuman effort in keeping our most vulnerable safe and your union is here for you if you need any support and advice.