NSW Government moves to cut back COVID-19 workers compensation

In May last year, the NSW Parliament passed laws that meant workers in certain types of work who could show a direct link with a positive COVID-19 case were assumed to have caught the virus at work. This made accessing workers compensation easier. It meant that workers who caught COVID-19 at work could focus on their health instead of trying to navigate the challenges of a workers compensation claim.

Now the NSW Government wants to take away this protection, meaning that workers will have to prove they caught COVID-19 at work. How do you ask a patient, a resident, a client or a colleague for evidence that they gave you COVID-19? How do you ask the family of a loved one in ICU for that proof?

HSU members have been on the frontline of this pandemic from day one, putting yourselves and your families at risk to keep others safe. Now the NSW Government wants to make it harder for you to get support if you need it.

This is just mean – it’s just about saving money. We have to tell the NSW Government the impact this will have on frontline workers. You can have your say here.

Before these changes can be made, they have been referred to a parliamentary inquiry where politicians will hear from all sides of the debate – including HSU members.

We have a chance to stop these changes by ensuring your experiences are heard. You can use this link to complete a short survey which will help form our collective response.

If you want to get more involved, or you are interested in talking directly to politicians about the importance of a supportive COVID-19 Workers Compensation process, email [E-Mail not displayed].