Paramedic professional pay campaign posters and slogan competition

  • Published June 8, 2022
  • Industries

As many members know, ADHSU paramedics have been campaigning for professional pay since registration.

The campaign is about to up the ante between now and the state election in March 2023.

If we pull it off it will lead to lead to the paramedics gaining professional recognition – allowing for increases in the skills and scope of paramedics within NSW Ambulance, while also increasing opportunities outside of pre-hospital care and into primary health roles. This will pave the way to professional wages while also improving the work that paramedics do, breaking the clinical ceiling (including in regional) and providing clear opportunities for career progression, regardless of location.

Please print out the two linked posters and put them up everywhere paramedics might be. One is about assisting the work of the paramedic recognition working group (ADHSU, MoH, Premier and Cabinet), the other is announcing a campaign slogan competition (our campaign is currently called ‘Value our Service’ – but we think we can do better).

Slogan Competition poster

Professional Recognition Campaign poster