Peer Support Framework: Join an important HSU meeting this Wednesday

The Ministry of Health has been preparing a NSW Peer Workforce Framework. The Framework will be official guidance material for the management of peer workers across all NSW Health LHDs. It sets guidelines for recruitment, training, support and supervision, professional development, remuneration and other workplace rights, such as anti-discrimination. 

Our Union has sought genuine and transparent consultation on the Framework development to ensure the collective voice of Peer Workers is heard, and not brushed aside. Unfortunately, despite assurances from the Ministry to negotiate transparently, a document has been provided to the workforce without consultation with your union representative Committee.

This should never have occurred. Members have a right to be heard. This blatant disregard for members’ rights highlights the tokenism with which workers are treated.

Members plan to have a say regardless. This Wednesday members will convene a state-wide meeting for all Peer Support Workers to discuss this situation and take action to demand genuine consultation.

This is one of the most pivotal documents for the future of Peer Support Work within the NSW Health system. It should not be rushed through or watered down to suit the Ministry's agenda. Will you join us at 3pm on Wednesday 14 December to have your say?

Registration to this meeting is required and can be completed at this link.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.