Peer Worker Draft Scope of Practice: Your Views

HSU Peer Worker delegates have been hard at work developing a comprehensive scope of practice for Peer Workers in NSW. For too long Peer Workers in NSW have worked without clear guidance, support or clarity, having to rely on inconsistent local scopes and in some instances, no scope of practice at all.


For several years, Victoria and Queensland Peer Workers have worked with a formalised scope of practice. This is an important opportunity for NSW to come in from the cold and support the Peer Workforce.


Now is the time to have a say on the future of your profession with implications for both the NSW Peer Workforce Framework and future Award negotiations.


Below is a link to the draft scope of practice and a survey to seek your views on the draft via a survey.


Link to scope of practice


Link to survey


Not a member? Peer Workers are getting organised and fighting back against lack of support and structure – now is the time to join and make a difference.


New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.