Westmead Parking Update

On Tuesday this week, a group of HSU delegates from across the Westmead Hospital Campus met with Western Sydney LHD to discuss the ongoing issues with access to staff parking.


So, what did we find out?


  1. So far, all staff who had access to parking before COVID and all staff who were paying for access via the cashier during COVID (WSLHD calls these people ‘Casual Parkers’) have been offered payroll deductions for staff parking access. This totals some 5070 staff
  2. There are 2340 spaces allocated for staff 24/7
  3. WSLHD parking team is waiting to hear back from 3600 staff who have been sent emails about their car parking. This includes over 3000 staff who had parking access prior to COVID and over 600 staff who were ‘Casual Parkers’
  4. WSLHD currently does not know how many staff are on the waitlist. They expect to know this by 29 February. They say they will consider moving waitlist staff to the Cashier arrangements used through COVID when they know what the waitlist looks like
  5. WSLHD is unwilling to move on parking fees, stating that this is a Ministry of Health policy and they are obliged to follow it
  6. P23 will be transferred back to Westmead from the Children’s Hospital when their parking development finishes (adding about 440 spaces)
  7. P14 is still up for discussion between WSLHD, the Children’s Hospital and the Ministry of Health
  8. Any special arrangements that occurred during COVID have stopped as per the Ministry of Health’s directive


There is a lot to take in. In some good news:


  1. No HSU member will be charged for parking until February 29 and this will not be backdated
  2. WSLHD has agreed to provide regular report backs on the parking situation at each Facility Site Consultative Committee, which can then be shared with you
  3. Staff on waitlists will be regularly updated on where they sit on the waitlist, once WSLHD works that out


So, what can you do?


Check your email and make sure you haven’t missed something from the parking team. If you have not received anything, get in touch with your Union via [E-Mail not displayed].


Keep your eye out for HSU updates following discussions with the Ministry of Health and the Government. If WSLHD, the Ministry of Health and the Government aren’t willing to move members will determine how we escalate our fight against these unfair changes to parking fees.


Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member? Encourage them to join our Union today and have a say at work. We are always stronger when we stand together.


New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.