Pledge to boycott re-registering this year

  • Published September 15, 2023
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NSW paramedics continue to be the lowest-paid and highest injured in the country. ADHSU delegates have spent 12 months providing evidence of all the awesome changes to clinical practice that have occurred over past decade and a half. Delegates have indicated that the majority of paramedics would welcome even more clinical advances if professional recognition flowed.

It's no longer disputed that these changes not only improve patient outcomes, but also yield significant taxpayer savings.

Mr Minns criticised the previous government for failing to address paramedic pay and went on to make it an election promise at his campaign launch. Indeed, the new Premier made it clear he intended to fix paramedic recognition during his victory speech on election night.

Delegates met the Treasurer in good faith early Tuesday evening with the view that he would come good on his and the Premier’s word. Instead, delegates were told that while a promise was made, they never said professional recognition would occur in the first year of government.

This government is happy to accept all the benefits of each and every paramedic’s professionalism while attempting to delay paying for it – if they can get away with it.

We must draw a line in the sand with a hard deadline, or this government will continue to use their delaying tactics to take advantage of paramedics' professionalism. It's time to pull the nuclear option and boycott 2023 Paramedic Registration.

The Treasurer all but said his government will not pay paramedics as professionals. So why would paramedics spend more of their blue-collar wages on professional registration?

A registration boycott would work like this: registration opens in several weeks, with thousands of ADHSU members refusing to register. The first point of pressure will be when the government finds out so many paramedics have refused to register. If that doesn’t bring them back to the table, the second point will be on Dec 1 when thousands of boycotting paramedics become officially unregistered, but within their 1-month grace period. Then every day during December, the government will be closer to having their paramedic workforce legally unable to respond. Post Jan 1, ADHSU paramedics will continue to front to work in uniform ready to respond, only to be locked out by the employer. Community pressure on the government will be immense.

During the Working with Children Check boycott, ADHSU members showed that by standing strong on these issues they can achieve results.

Please see the FAQ here for information on boycotting registration. Pledge your commitment to this important action here.