It’s time to decide on the NSW Health Awards Structure

The current NSW Health Awards are not fit for purpose.

HSU members know change is needed. Now it’s time to decide what that change should be.

HSU members have been discussing an amalgamated award structure. This would look like:

  • A universal Health Conditions Award which ensures that all health workers have the same baseline employment conditions such as long service leave, COVID leave, flexible working arrangements, and status of employment provisions.
  • Five core awards, with one health services award and four like-professional awards.

This structure would ensure collective power for negotiations about core conditions. At the same time it would enable a greater focus on the key demands of each specific classification.

Following feedback from members, a revised document that outlines the proposed amalgamated structure can be viewed here.

Now it’s up to you – do we retain the existing award structures, or do we demand an amalgamated structure?

You can have your say here:

The survey will be open until 19 September 2023.

It is important that all members have your say. The results of the survey will form the HSU position in our negotiations with the Minister for Health and the Minister for Industrial Relations.

If you are an HSU Health Professional, please send any questions you have regarding the proposed structure to [E-Mail not displayed]. If you work in Health Services, please send your questions to [E-Mail not displayed].