Professional pay: limited stop work meeting 0700-0730 Sunday 18 July

  • Published July 14, 2021
  • Industries

Well done to the just under 950 members who responded to last week’s survey on this year’s award, and the ongoing fight for professional pay.

A majority of members voted to have another stop work meeting to discuss next steps (in a COVID context).

Given the significant amount of members who indicated that the aggressive action should cease during the current COVID crisis, the stop work meeting should only be for 30 minutes, and held on Sunday 18 July. 

As usual, all members should attend. If you are on duty, you should attend and participate unless you are given a 1A, 1B, 1C, or 2I. All other jobs can wait.

This is an important stop work meeting where financial members will have the opportunity to vote on the way forward: cease all actions during COVID, keep going with the aggressive industrial action, or agree on something in between.

We will text the zoom link before the meeting.