Quong Tart Nursing Home: RAT during ordinary working hours

It has come to the HSU’s attention that there has been some confusion about Asymptomatic Testing using RAT.

Your local HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim contacted Uniting Human Resources for clarification and obtained the following confirmation in writing yesterday:

“We ask staff to wait until the result comes out negative before entering the facility, which takes up to 15 mins. The staff are not required to come early for the test.”

This confirms that you should come to work as usual, get tested during your ordinary work hours, and proceed with your daily duties. Please talk to your workmates and let the others know their rights.

If you know a workmate who is not a union member yet, tell them to join. We are stronger when we stand together. Joining is easy: visit www.hsu.asn.au/join, call 1300 478 679 or contact your local delegate or Organiser at [E-Mail not displayed] or 0458 012 322.

Finally thank you for all your hard work during this pandemic. Your work continues to keep our most vulnerable safe.