Reminder: ADHSU members have access to a workplace assault payment

  • Published February 23, 2021
  • Industries

Late last year HSU Branch Council voted to increase funding to, reprioritise and broaden the suite of benefits available to HSU members should something unfortunate occur.

These benefits officially began on 1 January 2021 and were announced in the second week of February.

The wellness package includes an available cash payment should a member be assaulted in the workplace.

There has already been one paramedic member who has had their claim accepted and received a $2500 payment from the HSU insurer. The member is okay, but received painful injuries and was understandably shaken up.

A cash payment is not a substitute for us all working together to prevent assaults on paramedics and other health workers in the first place. However, it does assist members who are often in pain post-assault, and out of pocket while off the job.

Members can access up to $2500 if they are assaulted in the workplace (must make a police report), and up to $5000 if the assault leads to an overnight stay in a hospital.

If you are an ADHSU member and you have been assaulted on duty since 1 January 2021, call the HSU office on 1300 478 679 to enquire about eligibility for the payment.

The whole wellness package can be found here.