Reportable Incidents: Code Black Armidale Hospital

Your Union has been made aware of recent management directions issued yesterday to staff at Armidale Rural Referral Hospital, staff were directed via email not to complete an Incident Notification (IIMS) relating to code black response team. This is a blatant attempt to cover up incidents occurring at the hospital and jeopardise members’ safety.

Security staff responding to a code black without a Clinician leading the response is outside of NSW Health policy and must be reported via the appropriate IIMS system. All code black incidents that occur within your facility must be reported, without exception.

Your union has now placed the matter into formal dispute. This is a failure to abide by NSW Health Policy and provide a safe workplace for staff, patients and visitors.

Your Union condemns this conduct and advises all members to continue to report all incidents that occur in your facility.

If you require advice or assistance around this issue or one like it, you can contact the HSU on 1300 478 679. Please be assured that members approaching the HSU with such allegations will be treated seriously and your complaints handled confidentially.