RFBI Hawkins: Workplace Change

Yesterday, RFBI management was on site at Hawkins Masonic Village to commence consultation on change.

Within the next 2 years, RFBI hopes to build a new 80 bed residential care village on what currently is Jacaranda and Grevillea House. To transition, residents at Jacaranda House will be moving to Banksia House 1 and the rest of the village. Residents at Grevillea House will be moving to Acacia House or Banksia House 1 or 2 as beds become available. It’s expected that the transition to vacate the 2 houses will take around 12 months.

What impact will this have on you?

The closure of Jacaranda and Grevillea House will reduce total bed numbers to 71 residents. Inevitably, this will see both a change in rosters and in staffing. RFBI have will hold discussions with staff in 3 months’ time to provide an update on staffing changes. RFBI have stated that they will be working with the HSU to help mitigate any adverse effects on employees.

On a positive note, RFBI have stated that there are plenty of opportunities to gain hours in home care. RFBI have also stated that there are opportunities to pick up shifts or seek suitable redeployment in other RFBI sites (such as Kurri Masonic Village, Cessnock Masonic and Benhome). 

The HSU will be with you throughout this process to ensure that your rights are maintained. If you have any concerns or feedback about the change, please contact HSU Organiser Andrew Tran on mobile 0417 115 622 or email [E-Mail not displayed].

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