RNSH Sub Branch Meeting: Come and have your say!

Your monthly HSU Sub Branch Meeting is a forum to raise workplace issues with your local Sub Branch Executive and Organiser, so that these can be discussed with management and resolved.

Examples of issues impacting your working life are: restructures; workplace change; unreasonable workloads and expectations; short staffing; unfilled vacancies; unsafe or unhealthy conditions; bullying and harassment; lack of career progression and training opportunities; inappropriate grading and remuneration; non-payment of penalties and allowances; unfair rosters; unsupportive managers.

You are invited to attend, details below:

RNSH HSU Sub Branch Meeting
When: Wednesday 9th June 12:30pm
Where: Meeting Room 6CD Acute Services Building.

Together, we can improve your working life.

Come along to this month’s meeting. Non-members are always welcome.