RPAH General Sub Branch: Health and Safety Work Groups & HSR Elections

The HSU has written to RPAH Management on behalf of members to negotiate the formation of Health and Safety Work Groups in the departments set out in the table below.

The next step is to agree on numbers of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) to be elected to represent workers in the agreed Health and Safety Work Groups.

The HSU proposal is that each department in the table below would form one Health and Safety Work Group, to be represented by one Health and Safety Representative – with the exceptions of HealthShare Food Services (6 HSRs in 4 Work Groups) and Environmental Services (13 HSRs in 4 Work Groups).

Once we have agreement on these matters, the Employer will arrange for elections for your Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs).

If you are interested in becoming an HSR, please contact HSU Organiser Melissa Kelly by email [E-Mail not displayed].

Elected HSRs have the right to attend a paid 5-day union HSR training course to understand how to use their powers and functions to ensure healthy and safe work. After completing their training, HSRs have additional powers to direct unsafe work cease and issue provisional improvement notices.

If you want more information on the powers and functions of Health and Safety Representatives, follow this link: https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/safety-starts-here/consultation@work/health-and-safety-representatives

If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined the HSU, encourage them to take the plunge today. It’s never been more important for health workers to stand together. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.