SCC Catering Industries Update

Earlier this week, HSU representatives met with Catering Industries to raise a number of concerns about the misinformation that has been circulating to those employees impacted by the decision to outsource.

We have made it clear that:

  • All pay and conditions of the current SCC enterprise agreement will continue to apply to transferring employees, until either a new EA is made (by Catering Industries) or until Catering Industries apply to have this EA terminated for their employees.
  • Contracts must include hours of work and if agreed, the days of work.
  • If Catering Industries loses the contract, they still must pay redundancy to employees.
  • Previous service at SCC will be recognised by Catering Industries, including accrued entitlements like annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave.
  • Current contracted hours at SCC should be met by Catering Industries, otherwise a redundancy may apply.
  • Members have the right to be represented during the entire process.

We have advised Catering Industries that it must amend contracts to reflect these or we will need to escalate this through the Fair Work Commission.

We understand that both Southern Cross Care and Catering Industries are applying pressure for members to sign contracts. We are still weeks away from transfers taking place, so members are advised to not sign contracts until these fundamental rights have been recognised in your contracts.

If you have any concerns or questions about your contract, call your local HSU Organiser or the Member Services Division on 1300 478 679.

Do you know someone who isn’t a member of the HSU? Share this email with them to let them know what’s going on – and that HSU members are supported. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.