SCC Marian Nursing Home: Major Roster Review NOT Proceeding

Information has been slow in coming through from SCC, but they have finally told the HSU that they are now not intending to proceed with the major roster review that the HSU assisted members with interviews for back in April.

What this means for members is that any proposed reduction in your contracted hours will not be happening. For those members that were offered redundancy this too will not be happening. For some, this will come as a relief, whilst for others this may come as a disappointment if you were already making plans to move on from the Marian.

SCC has said that this information has already been relayed to staff, but some members have contacted your organiser and said that they have not received any information to date. You should contact your manager if you wish to seek clarification.

It has been confirmed that the Marian refurbishment and construction project is still to continue but has not been made clear how the existing staffing levels will work with this project continuing and the existing reduced bed numbers.

The HSU would like members to remain alert to any increased disciplinary action that might take place and to contact your organiser Marion Jennings via [E-Mail not displayed] if this does take place.

The HSU realises that this has and may well continue to be a worrying time for you compounded by the stresses of COVID-19.

The HSU is here to support members. Now is the time to encourage all your colleagues to join the HSU. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.