Southern IML Important Update: Part Time Overtime Update

This week the HSU has received correspondence from law firm Gilbert and Tobin acting on behalf of Southern IML. Southern IML’s lawyers are arguing that ‘Based on its investigations to date, our client does not consider that any monies are owed to its part time employees’. This is in stark contrast to the assurances that IML have been giving the HSU.

What does this mean?

The HSU will now begin working with Southern IML’s lawyers to seek a resolution to this issue. This will take some time as this issue will most likely have to be resolved in the commission. The HSU will continue fighting to ensure that everyone who is owed money gets paid in full

Part Time Employee Survey 

If you are currently a Part Time Employee or have been Part Time in the last six years, it’s important that you complete this survey. We need to know who might be owed money so that we can pursue this in the Fair Work Commission.

The HSU will continue to keep you updated as this issue progresses. In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please speak to your organiser.