Southern IML Update

Payment of unpaid overtime for part timers

Some HSU members have requested payment of unpaid wages from Southern IML. As a result, Southern IML has acknowledged its mistake and has begun paying these members.

Any hours you are required to work beyond your contracted hours are considered overtime as per the Award. If you have worked additional hours, now is the time to demand what you are owed. The HSU recommends that all members owed money for unpaid overtime immediately email HR/Payroll requesting payment and cc’ing your Organiser Roy ([E-Mail not displayed]).

Travelling between centres on shift

When travelling between centres on one shift, the HSU is of the opinion that this travel time is paid. The company is requiring you to travel for work and therefore must pay you for this time. It is unreasonable to expect members to travel between centres during their shift and not pay them.

For example, if you are rostered on to work in one centre from 8am until 1pm and the company asks you to work additional hours at a different centre from 1:30 till 3pm, the 30 minutes of travel time is paid work.

In addition to paying you for travel time during your shifts, the company should also pay you an allowance of 80c per kilometre (see Clause 22 [h] of the Award) if you are using your personal car.

If you think you are owed money or need help with ensuring that you are paid correctly in future, send an email to your organiser Roy ([E-Mail not displayed]).

Safety at 35 Denison St

The HSU has been in constant discussions with company leadership regarding safety concerns at 35 Denison St Wollongong (Illawarra Blood Bank). The company is yet to take any serious action to ensure the safety of staff performing work at 35 Denison St. At this stage, the extent of their action has been to provide the party concerned with a copy of the Bullying and Harassment policy. This does not do anything to ensure the continued safety of our members.

The HSU continues to consider this workplace an unsafe work environment and reminds its members of their right to refuse to perform unsafe work as per Section 84 of the WHS Act.

Considering Southern IML’s inaction the HSU has asked the company the following:

  • Does Southern IML intend to continue to send staff to work at 35 Denison St?
  • Does Southern IML contend that asking the affected party or parties to sign a copy of the harassment policy is ‘taking all reasonable steps’ to ensure the safety of its staff?
  • Does Southern IML believe it has worked through the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’ in relation to this hazard, as it is obliged under the Act?
  • Considering Southern IML has held conversations with the relevant parties, it is reasonable to assume that Southern IML acknowledges these allegations are serious. Does the company have any intention of taking action to ensure no workers are exposed to any risk?

The HSU will continue to take action to ensure the safety of its staff. If Southern IML does not take our concerns seriously, the Union will consider a public and legal campaign to ensure the safety of our members.

If your workmates aren’t yet HSU members, let them know the Union is fighting for their safety and encourage them to get on board. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.