St George Hospital: DeliverEASE Dispute

Recently the HSU began receiving reports that HealthShare NSW are rolling out the DeliverEASE system to other sites across the state.

HealthShare also seem to have departed from the scope agreed with the HSU in 2019, under which LHD staff simply scanned products.

Under the new DeliverEASE arrangement, members working for SESLHD will now be required to collect stock from stores and bring it back to their department or work area themselves. The employer hasn’t consulted the HSU about these changes, but despite this some members are already being scheduled for training.

The HSU objects to this arrangement. We believe HealthShare are using LHD staff as a free workforce to implement the extended rollout of this project. Admin staff are not storespersons.

Given the lack of consultation, the HSU has notified the employer of a dispute and invoked the status quo. This means that you should maintain your usual working patterns until the dispute has been resolved. We have requested dispute meetings to assist in resolving this matter in a timely manner.

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