St John of God Hawkesbury Administrative Wage Increase Offer

  • Published July 13, 2022

The HSU has been in discussions with St John of God regarding the commencement of bargaining.

St John of God have advised they are not ready to bargain as they have not yet finalised the contract with NSW Health.

As such, they have offered the following proposal for staff covered by the Hawkesbury Enterprise Agreement:

  • An administrative increase effective from first pay period on or after 1/7/2022. Increase for all classifications to align with the NSW Wages Policy – 2.5% wage increase and 0.5% superannuation increase;
  • $2,670.00 NSW Health payment for all classifications, which represents the portion of public work committed to by NSW Health; and
  • An offer of their commitment to commence bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement in January 2023.

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