St John of God Richmond & Burwood: Enterprise Bargaining Commences

Bargaining for a new enterprise agreement kicks off very soon, with the first scheduled meeting for Richmond & Burwood on 27 February. This means that we can have our say in things that affect us at work, like our rates of pay and our working conditions.

What is an enterprise agreement and what is bargaining?

Your enterprise agreement sets your pay and conditions at work. It governs all your entitlements like access to leave, your rostering arrangements, when St John of God must consult with you, and of course your pay increase!

What do you think HSU members should fight for? Have your say on our EBA claims today:

Your HSU Bargaining Team is made up of HSU Delegates at who work at St John of God and is supported by the union’s Industrial Officers. If you’re an HSU member, you’ll be represented by the HSU Bargaining Team.

If you know someone who isn’t yet a member, tell them join now to support our campaign for better pay and conditions at St John of God Richmond & Burwood.

Any questions? Please contact the HSU Industrial Team via [E-Mail not displayed] with subject line St John of God EBA.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.