St Vincent's Private Hospitals: What we're bargaining for

At this link you can find the log of claims that we brought to St Vincent’s Health Australia for bargaining last week. The HSU formulated these claims based on worksite conversations, online surveying, and planning meetings.

Please remember that we are currently opting for a shorter, two-year agreement and a more focused set of claims. Some highlights of what we are bargaining for include:

  1. Annual wage increases of 7.5%.
  2. Special, paid pandemic leave.
  3. Better rights for casual employees to convert to permanent employment.
  4. Improvements to paid tea breaks structure.
  5. Stronger consultation rights before major workplace changes occur.

However, the only way to win these items is for us as members to participate more actively. To get involved, contact your worksite delegates or email our team at [E-Mail not displayed].

If we want stronger wage increases and better conditions, we need to keep building membership in the workplace. So, if you have colleagues who are not members yet, tell them to join at or 1300 478 679.