State Budget: an extra 246 P1s to be upgraded to ICP

  • Published June 22, 2021
  • Industries

While we bat on with fighting the pay freeze (more on this later today), some of our other campaigns such as ICPs in the bush (and Metro) have shown results in this year’s state budget.

The Treasurer has announced $34 million in new funding to convert 246 paramedics to ICPs, 203 of which will be in regional areas. While this falls short of the ADHSU position – namely, that every paramedic who wants to and has the capacity should be able to upgrade – this announcement goes some of the way to achieving those campaign goals (we are not calling it a win, but a down payment).

ADHSU published a very popular member survey back in November 2018. 95% of respondents wanted a campaign seeking many more paramedics specialist positions. More than 300 members put their name down to be active in that campaign.

Well done to all ADHSU members who got together to drive this campaign (so far). Not only will this lead to many paramedics – young and old – being able to step up clinically, but it will make a material difference to outcomes to the community.

We will put out a newsletter updating members on the fight against the pay freeze later this arvo. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Link to last year’s ADHSU submission to Health Minister seeking an increase in paramedic specialist positions.