Stay informed: Changes to paediatric pathology services

Dear Member,

HSU representatives met with NSW Health Pathology and Sydney Children’s Hospital Network management on Tuesday, 21 November as part of ongoing consultation about changes to paediatric pathology services in NSW.

New South Wales Health Pathology management continue to throw out buzzwords like “service enhancement”, “streamlining processes” and “improving efficiency” – but HSU representatives were left wondering: what concrete plans were are being developed for the future of paediatric pathology?

NSW Health Pathology is yet to provide a timeline on when they will decide to roll CHWP into NSW HP. It has also has not clearly stated what the process will be for future workforce reviews.

Management isn’t offering any transparency or clarity around what the future holds for paediatric pathology services at Westmead.

HSU representatives will meet with management again on 19 December 2023.

Congratulations to union members who are already taking part in the consultation work groups and members should keep an eye out for future opportunities to be involved in the work groups and reach out to their local delegates to keep up with the latest news.

Contact your organiser Kate Hall on 0448 268 502 if you want to get further involved or hear any news on the ground.

HSU members will continue to hold NSW Health Pathology and Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to account for any changes that impact specialised care for kids and communities. Know someone who isn’t a union member? Encourage them to join today!

By standing together and staying informed, union members fight for a better health system for both staff and the community.

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