Still no pay offer from Garden Village! Is it time to take action?

After nine bargaining meetings, Garden Village Port Macquarie still refuses to provide HSU members with a pay offer. Your wages have not increased for over two years, despite a global pandemic that has seen costs of living skyrocket!

Your HSU Bargaining Team asked Garden Village Management, when will we discuss wages? The only answer Garden Village could muster was, “don’t call us, we'll call you”.

HSU members need send to a clear message to Garden Village management that we are sick of waiting. Wages are going backwards. It’s not good enough for management to hold up negotiations.

Let’s show them we’re serious!

The only way to tell Garden Village that this isn't good enough is to show our collective strength. First, our Delegates and Organisers will be asking everyone to sign a petition with the following demand: put an offer on the table which includes a significant wage increase.

Secondly, we are asking every HSU member to fill out this survey and have your say on what type of action you are willing to take to show management we are serious.

Only HSU members are protected by law to undertake industrial action in these situations so if your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join the union today. New members can join online at or by calling 1300 478 679.

It’s time to fight for a real pay increase at Garden Village!