Stop work meeting 0700 Wednesday 16 June (via Zoom)

  • Published June 11, 2021
  • Industries

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Yesterday was more successful than we could have hoped. Not only did many join ADHSU to take the action (welcome to the family!), but we also received massive support from the community and the media.

Many unions from outside Ambulance and interstate expressed support for the gutsy stand taken by ADHSU members. 2GB’s Ben Fordham told Mr Perrottet: ‘You know everyone is cheering on the paramedics Treasurer?’

Well done to all members who participated, and special shout out to all members who took action for the first time. You are now veterans who can show the way to the next generation of members in the future.

Delegates have met with the Treasurer who remained non-committal but took on board all the points that your amazing delegates articulately made (it was him vs 30 delegates in the HSU office, but he handled it well). The Health Minister is listening positively. Things are travelling in the right direction – however, we cannot become complacent and lose momentum.

On that basis, we are calling a one hour Stop Work meeting for 0700 on Wednesday 16 June. All members should attend, including off duty members.

If you are on-duty, you should attend and participate unless you are given a 1A, 1B, 1C or 2I. Everything else can wait.

Why aren’t 2Is banned during the stop work? Because the main reason for the stop work is to allow members to debrief yesterday’s 24-hour action and to decide on further action in the near future, rather than inconvenience the employer.

Members will be given the opportunity to vote on stronger action in support of our modest claim during the stop work.

Again, congratulations on a very successful first volley yesterday. You have the public behind you, you have unions outside of Ambulance behind you, and you have the HSU’s 45,000+ members behind you. Now is the time to fight.

Please take a moment to provide feedback on yesterday’s action here.

A link to the stop work zoom will be provided on Tuesday night.