It's a NO at Harbison

A majority of members at Harbison have voted ‘No’ to one of the worst agreement pay offers in the aged care sector.

This is a big victory and comes in the face of serious adversity from Harbison management, including repeated misrepresentations and coercive behaviour.

There were 202 votes cast, with 94 in favour and 107 against the proposal.

That means that a majority of staff want a better enterprise agreement and fairer wage offer.

It also means that a majority of staff have seen through clearly incorrect claims from Harbison management that this was one of the most generous wage offers in the sector – it simply was not.

Next steps

We are eager for members to get a fair pay increase, as soon as possible.

The HSU has written to Harbison today requesting that a bargaining meeting be scheduled so that we can progress negotiations.

We are also organising a special HSU members meeting to consider our response and collectively agree on steps forward – details to be confirmed early next week.

HSU members will be making some important decisions over the next two weeks and only HSU members will be invited to participate. If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, please encourage them to join the union at to have their say.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this important vote and said ‘no’ to such a poor wage offer. You deserve a real pay increase.

The HSU is leading a historic case to increase the Aged Care Award pay rates by 25% and the HSU will keep campaigning with you for a better outcome in your enterprise agreement.