Stop Work Update - ADHSU Paramedics' Escalating Action

  • Published February 28, 2023
  • Industries

This morning at 0700, ADHSU Paramedic members met for a Stop Work meeting on zoom, continuing action in response to the deafening silence coming from both sides of politics leading up to the election. The people of NSW deserve better, and it’s clear that paramedics will be forced to show just how frustrated they are by a total lack of professional recognition.

Members who dialled in this morning exchanged ideas for strategically escalating action to keep pressure on the Premier and the Opposition Leader and voted on further action outlined at the link below. Note the first day of action starts on first day shift this Thursday until first day shift on Friday (24 hours). In addition to the indefinite ban on P5s (no more P5s until the employer pays paramedics as professionals), and the ban on upskilling at MCPDs, Thursday will see a total ban on eMRs (reverting to PHCRs), non-urgent R3s, ban on pushing ‘off stretcher’ and no shift movements (unless OT has been exhausted).

Members can read the page (linked below) and prepare for the upcoming actions. You can also continue to stay updated on all action and access resources through the Resources landing page. As the people of NSW prepare to head to the polls, it is essential every ADHSU paramedic member working in NSWA stays up to date and takes part. When members stick together and each do their part, the politicians will be forced to listen.

Current endorsed actions here