Sunnyfield: Trial of duress watches

The HSU has been notified of a trial of new technology being proposed at Sunnyfield. Management is running a test pilot group of duress smart watches to be used by ‘lone workers’.

You can view the documents supplied at the below links:

Under the proposal, these watches will check in with lone worker staff hourly with an ‘Are you OK’ alert that workers must interact with. If a worker accidentally misses an ‘Are you OK’ check-in, a duress operator will turn on the camera and audio functions on the watches and treat the situation as a real emergency.

This trial is running from Monday 25 March to Monday 22 April at the following Shared Living sites:

  • Wardell
  • Ashton
  • Powderworks
  • Moolah

It’s important for union members to have a say. If you would like to provide feedback on the trial, please contact your HSU organiser Emmett Gray at [E-Mail not displayed].

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