Survey: Log of Claims

  • Published January 25, 2021
  • Industries

Survey here:

As members know, most of the NSW public sector workforce was awarded a ‘pay rise’ of 0.3% for the 2020 year instead of the usual 2.5% (a cap on public service wages that is already insulting).   

However, some may not be aware that paramedics, control centre officers and police officers were not included in this case or this decision and have yet to find out what, if any, pay increase they will receive.

We anticipate that paramedics and control centre officers will get 0.3% as well, but we will not know for sure for at least a few more months.  

ADHSU members are sick and tired of waiting for the Industrial Relations Commission to decide their fate while workers struggle under outdated conditions. This delay and poor outcome is exactly why we have been trying to keep Ambulance pay-related issues out of the IRC and campaign on the ground.

So, instead of waiting for the Commission to formally freeze our wages:


We are asking all ADHSU members on the Paramedic and Control Centre Award AND the Operational Managers Award to vote and endorse a log of claims for improved conditions. Please complete the survey here:

It’s important to note that this log of claims is separate from the Value Our Service campaign. The Value Our Service campaign is our campaign to abolish the wages policy (2.5% cap) once and for all and fight for professional wages we deserve.

Think of this log of claims as a special response to a special year.

Once the Log of Claims is endorsed, we will ensure members receive all the relevant information to plan next steps. Once we all decide together what we want, we will stand together and fight for it.