Sydney Children's Hospital: Urgent lunchtime zoom meeting

Some of you may be aware of the cuts that have been made to the Health Information Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick. Two years ago, without any consultation with the HSU and in breach of the Award, the manager’s position was removed from the HIU. When the employer finally got around to consulting with the HSU, they claimed that the manager’s functions could be performed remotely from Westmead. Now, at the end of this week, they plan to get rid of some of the remaining staff.

The HSU has been advised that the HIU phones now are regularly diverted to Westmead Children’s Hospital and the current HIU at Randwick is so short staffed it regularly closes when workers are off sick.

We are concerned that this vital service is facing the death of a thousand cuts and is at risk of being closed by stealth. If we allow this to happen, what is happening to this unit could happen to any other service.

Now is the time to act. An urgent lunchtime zoom meeting has been scheduled for 1pm Wednesday 21 July.

Meeting link:
Meeting ID: 846 6415 8807
Passcode: 0fakgs

Attend this important meeting, support the members in the HIU, and stand up for fair treatment for all members at SCHR.

If you want more information, contact your Organiser Glen Pead by email [E-Mail not displayed].

If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined the HSU, tell them to take the plunge today. With so much uncertainty, there has never been a more important time to be a member of your union. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.