The most important election for aged care

After the Royal Commission, after the very public crisis facing aged care throughout this pandemic, aged care is front and centre at this federal election.

That’s because we cannot have more of the same. Aged care workers are leaving, and those who remain are exhausted. We need change.

In the lead up to the election we have demanded decent wages for all aged care workers through support for – and funding of – our Work Value Case.

Last night aged care workers from across the country met in to consider the aged care policy positions of the major and minor parties and whether they had met our demands.

After reviewing the policies of the Liberal/Nationals, United Australia Party, and One Nation when it comes to the aged care workforce – there is very little on offer. When it comes to the Teal Independents, there are nice words but not much substance.

But we know that Labor and The Greens have committed to supporting our Work Value Case.

Labor and The Greens have committed to funding our Work Value Case.

And Labor has committed to ensuring transparency of aged care funding and penalising dodgy providers.

It’s very rare that I make bold statements about politics and elections because I respect the rights of members to make their own decisions.

But this election the contrast is so clear. We can’t have more of the same – and you and your colleagues deserve better.

This Saturday when you cast your vote, I only ask that you make it count.

If you have any questions about the federal election or party policies, please speak with your local HSU organiser or email [E-Mail not displayed].