This is our time! HSU members call for aged care providers to come to the table

There is no disagreement about the incredible work that aged care workers do in this country. Every day, you provide care and support to the most vulnerable and frail in our community.

There is also no disagreement that aged care workers have been overlooked for too long. From being paid far less than you deserve, to regularly working understaffed, to being frontline workers during a global pandemic – aged care workers consistently step up and do what it takes to make sure that our residents and clients get the dignity in care that they deserve.

On Tuesday this week, HSU members from across the aged care sector came together to discuss issues facing our wages and conditions – including the rising cost of living and the recent 4.6% increase to all Awards by the Fair Work Commission.

Members expressed serious disappointment with recent low pay rises being offered by most aged care providers and spoke about ongoing concerns such as consistent short staffing, lack of career structure and poor of recognition skills and experience across the sector.

But most importantly, HSU members discussed what we can start doing now to turn things around.

The HSU’s historic Work Value Case – calling for a 25% increase to the pay rates in the Aged Care Award – is currently being heard by the Fair Work Commission. A decision on this case is not expected until early next year.

However, most of our enterprise agreements covering the majority of aged care workers are now past their nominal expiry date. This means that most union members have not had a chance to negotiate pay and conditions for many years. This is something that we can change.

Yesterday, HSU members agreed to step up the campaign for better aged care jobs and passed the following resolution:

This Meeting of Aged Care members resolves to maintaining the fight to Change Aged Care.

Working in aged care should be a career with progression and financial reward based on diverse skills, qualifications, and experience.

We call on all aged care employers to:

  • Support our Work Value Case calling for a 25% pay increase
  • Commence bargaining immediately
  • Provide a safe environment for staff, where they are valued and respected

This was passed unanimously. Now we will write to employers with this resolution calling on bargaining to commence immediately.

Please share this with your colleagues and let them know what HSU members are demanding.

If you want to get more involved in the campaign to Change Aged Care, email [E-Mail not displayed].