This is our time: incredible turnout at strikes across NSW

I write to you filled with pride and admiration for the strength of our HSU members.

Yesterday, members in public health facilities and ambulance stations across the state turned out in a tremendous show of force.

Members gave the best they could give, turning the full force of their frustration on the government. Despite some very inclement weather in areas of the state, the rain couldn’t dampen our resolve. With our message plastered across local and national media, politicians can no longer bury their heads in the sand.

We need a pay rise well in excess of the measly 2.5% and we are demanding it now.

Stop work meetings around the state voted to endorse the following resolutions:

  1. This meeting of HSU members demands that the NSW Government delivers a 5.5% pay rise to all NSW health workers in 2022.
  2. This meeting commits to short term campaign focused on the 2022 state budget to get the pay rise we deserve. If required, we will campaign up until the state election in 2023 to remove the draconian wages policy.
  3. This meeting supports the abolition of the wages policy and that the union engages in award modernisation that will reflect the skills, experience and qualifications of HSU members in 2022, as opposed to 1982.
  4. We will campaign to ensure that all politicians support our calls for fair wages and awards.

I am very pleased to say to you that we have already heard some positive messages from the government that they may be receptive to our demands. However, we’re not going to stop campaigning until we get precisely what we need. Health workers aren’t going to accept substandard pay rises while bureaucrats pocket fat bonuses.

This fight involves us all – cleaners, security, food services, paramedics, health professionals, admin officers, operations assistants, sterilising staff, managers, orderlies, wardspersons and many other classifications. Our strength is our unity. You will not be able to sit on the sidelines.

If your colleagues are still on the fence, tell them the time to join the HSU is now. This is our time.