Today we vote NO to this divisive pay offer

Today HSU members are standing together and voting NO to Warrigal’s unfair and divisive pay offer.

Everyone at Warrigal has worked hard throughout the pandemic, and we continue to work in challenging circumstances every day, with staff shortages and under resourcing becoming acute.

That’s why HSU members are standing together, united in our claim for a minimum 5% pay increase for all employees.

We all deserve a decent pay increase, to recognise our hard work and to ensure that Warrigal is a great place to work.

We encourage all Warrigal employees to vote NO to this pay offer so we can keep campaigning for a better deal.

At this link is a report on HSU members’ Log of Claims and what Warrigal has agreed to in this proposed EA. As you will see, many HSU claims have not been agreed to.

If a majority of staff vote ‘Yes’, this offer will be accepted. However, if a majority of staff vote ‘No’, the offer will not be accepted and HSU members will keep bargaining with Warrigal.

Remember, the bargaining period does not end if staff do not accept this offer. The HSU will continue bargaining with Warrigal and we will keep campaigning for a fair pay deal for all staff.

During bargaining, Warrigal (and the HSU) must follow the good faith bargaining rules in the Fair Work Act, which includes attending and participating in meetings, giving genuine consideration to proposals and refraining from unfair conduct. If Warrigal do not follow these rules, the HSU can take action in the Fair Work Commission.

We encourage everyone to vote NO to this pay offer and to stand strong and united for a better deal.