Unauthorised wage deduction at Mark Moran Little Bay

HSU members at Mark Moran Little Bay have spoken up about management’s recent staff memo, which states:

If [you] haven’t clocked in or forgot to clock in but it has not been informed to [admin staff] or the RN in-charge, 15 mins will be deducted from your shift hours. Also anyone not registering on the devices will have 15 minutes deducted from their hours. Anyone that doesn’t do [both] will have 30 minutes deducted in total.”

This is not right. According to section 323 of the Fair Work Act, you must be paid for all time worked. Your employer cannot and should not deduct money from you if you have worked that time. 

If you’ve had an unauthorised wage deduction from your pay, contact your Union so we can take further action together.

It’s vital that we stand together and enforce workplace rights. If you know someone in the workplace that is not a member of the HSU, talk to them about management’s memo and the importance of joining the Union at a time like this. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.