Union win! AFFORD to pay staff for 3-day testing

HSU members at AFFORD have won backpay for 3-day COVID testing.


From 24 August, after the Public Health Order ceased, AFFORD continued to require staff to get a COVID-19 test every 72 hours. The HSU is not against the need for staff to be tested; however, staff were getting tested in their own time and were not being paid for this.

Fair Work Commission

The HSU took AFFORD to the Fair Work Commission arguing that testing should be done in paid work time. Following the Fair Work Commission Conciliation, AFFORD have agreed that:

  1. Casual employees will be paid 30 minutes (where testing took place on a rostered day on) or 2 hours (where testing took place on a non-working day) per test.
  2. Permanent employees will be paid for 30 minutes per test at their ordinary rate of pay. 

Claiming Your Backpay

The HSU will update members when we have more details about the process to claim your backpay. In preparation, members are advised to start compiling evidence of the dates you got tested between 24 August and 11 October, including screen shots of your test result.

Union Win

HSU members at AFFORD won this backpay! HSU members and delegates raised this issue with their Organiser, provided data about the 3-day testing in the recent HSU survey, and provided evidence and information to the HSU that we used to strengthen our position in the Fair Work Commission. 

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