Union win! Fairlea agree to pay increase and back pay!

Recently, HSU members at Fairlea Aged Care raised concerns about their classification and pay rate, identifying they were not being paid the correct base rate for their roles.

Your HSU representatives have been in discussions with Fairlea and management has now agreed to the following:

  1. Payroll is to update their system to upgrade all direct care workers who are Certificate 3 qualified to be paid a base rate of at least $30.11 per hour (the current Award minimum).
  2. All employees that require adjustment will be back paid to the first full pay period on or after 30 June 2023.
  3. Affected staff will be notified (if you are not notified and you believe you should be regraded, contact the HSU).

The previous memo sent from management directing you to complete an ACE 4 Level 4 Pay Review Appraisal form should be ignored, as this is both inappropriate and unnecessary for you to be regraded.

If any HSU members are receiving the incorrect rate, we encourage you to raise the matter and contact your HSU Organiser if you need any assistance.

This is a great win and would not have been possible without HSU members brining the issue forward and then working together to get the matter resolved.

Tell all your workmates about this great win and the importance of being in the union. Together we are stronger.

New members can join the HSU at www.hsu.asn.au/join or by contacting 1300 478 679.