Uniting Arrunga Workplace Change

Your local HSU Organiser Nandini Bhandari was present at a recent meeting held at Uniting Arrunga about implementation of a new employment model. The HSU has since approached Uniting for further clarification.

Uniting has advised a small number of employees across the workplace will be impacted by the new household model. The following positions will be terminated and replaced by new ones:

  • Recreational Activities Officer (RAO) will be discontinued and replaced with new roles such as Café & Wellness Worker and Lifestyle Officer.
  • Team Leader will be discontinued and replaced with ‘Home Maker'.
  • The Physio Aide role will be discontinued.

However, Uniting said they will aim to retain all staff at Arrunga and find suitable redeployment opportunities.

Uniting also advised there may be changes to some employees' start and finish times. They will provide all staff with a roster availability form to mark their current availability and any additional capacity they may have to work different days or hours.

As with any workplace change, you have the right to consultation. This includes the right to raise any issues or provide feedback about the change and have it reasonably considered. You also have the right to bring your union along with you to meet with management and discuss your individual impact.

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact your HSU organiser Nandy Bhandari at [E-Mail not displayed] or 0428 785 294.

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