Uniting Peak Consultative Committee Update

Last week, HSU representatives attended the quarterly Uniting Peak Consultative Committee (PCC) meeting. Below is a summary of the meeting:

10 May

HSU representatives gave a report on the HSU campaign to increase funding, wages and conditions in aged care. There is a rally in Canberra out front of Parliament House at 10:30am on 10 May calling on the Federal Government to make a significant investment in this year’s budget. HSU members who are interested in attending can email [E-Mail not displayed].

COVID and vaccinations

Uniting gave a report of the vaccination rollout for residents and staff. There has been a low take up from staff to get vaccinated. Uniting will be circulating further advice about vaccinations from the Federal Government, the HSU has asked for a copy of this in the event members wish to ask any questions.


Uniting acknowledged the concerns raised by HSU representatives about how Ulearn was operating in facilities. We were informed that 10 hours is budgeted for the completion of Ulearn modules. Uniting will provide further communication to staff about Ulearn. Again, the HSU has requested a copy of any correspondence.

Classifications and bargaining

There was discussion about the vagueness of definitions in CSE 3 and CSE 4 roles and how members can advance through the grades. Uniting believes that the current structure was dated and that this needed to be reviewed as part of enterprise bargaining. Uniting hasn’t yet confirmed how it wants to approach bargaining this year but noted that other providers who were members of Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) were considering offering a pay increase and not bargaining until next year. 

Homemaker duty statement

HSU representatives raised feedback about the Homemaker duty statement being aspirational rather than actionable. During recent union meetings members have requested a clearer duty statement. Uniting stated that they have been doing work on this, having taken feedback from a focus group earlier in the year. They will report back shortly.

Next meeting and getting involved

The next PCC meeting will be in July. Members who would like to participate are encouraged to do so and can register interest either directly with Uniting or by emailing [E-Mail not displayed].

Have a question or want to raise an issue?

If you have any questions about any of the above issues, email [E-Mail not displayed]. If you have an issue you want to discuss, contact your local HSU organiser or call our HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679.