Update: Fairfield Hospital Wardspersons Task Allocation System

Thank you for providing your feedback on management’s recent notification that they intend to start consultation around the introduction of a task allocation system for Wardspersons.

Most feedback from members expressed concern about the lack of information provided by management around how this measure would be rolled out.

The HSU contacted management with these concerns and received a response to advise they will continue the consultation process. Management has provided a proposal for a timeline of the rollout of the trial. This proposal can be found here and consists of three phases:

Phase 1:  Training & induction of the logger system to GS office staff, ward staff who will be requesting jobs and in the use of two-way radios

Phase 2:  Phasing out the use of logger system across the facility separating Level 1/ED & Radiology & Level 2 on various timelines

Phase 3:  Consultation and feedback from wards, GS staff

Management have stated that although this trial document refers to specific dates, this may be subject to change depending on feedback.

If you have any outstanding concerns about this proposed trial, please contact your local organiser Parthiv Mehta via email [E-Mail not displayed].