Update on pay (including professional pay)

  • Published February 25, 2022
  • Industries

As many members know, ADHSU PTOs and Paramedics led the NSW Public Sector union movement last year to fight the ridiculous government offer of a 1.5% pay rise, which added insult to injury after the previous year’s pay freeze.  

The fight included ADHSU PTOs taking 24-hour strike action, followed by ADHSU paramedics engaging in month of aggressive industrial action that included breaching cease industrial action orders.  

It is acknowledged by the NSW Public Sector Union movement that ADHSU PTO and Paramedic industrial action led to the government increasing the pay rise to the legal maximum 2.5% for all NSW public servants.  

As proud members of the Emergency Services Coalition (the unions covering NSW Police, Fire, Corrections, and Ambulance) and affiliates of Unions NSW, ADHSU will again be ready to fight with the movement if this year’s pay rise is below expectations. 

The approach to professional pay is different (however, it can and will turn to industrial action again if needed).  

The now Premier began positively engaging ADHSU delegates about professional pay during last year’s strikes.  

Despite some interference from COVID, ADHSU has had several meetings with the Premier and Health Minister on the subject of a genuine road map to professional pay. Indeed, we are again meeting with the Minister on the subject shortly.  

However, professional pay won’t be won from a few meetings with the Premier and Minister alone. It’s going to take community engagement, and it's also going to require us to make the case to government that professional pay is warranted.  

We are currently setting up committees of ADHSU paramedic activists who are willing to roll their sleeves to contribute to one of the most important campaigns for paramedicine to date.  

Join the fight by emailing your details to [E-Mail not displayed].