Vaccinate for Victory ACT closes: Amazing response from members

At 11:59pm last night, 15 November, the HSU’s Vaccinate for Victory ACT competition closed.

As you will know, the HSU launched the Vaccinate for Victory ACT competition in September to thank members for rolling up their sleeves and getting vaccinated to protect their workmates and their community against COVID-19. We think vaccination is a vital step, and we want to show our appreciation to you for playing your part.

One lucky entrant will be taking home $1000 when the prize is drawn next Monday 22 November at 3:00pm.

I’m very glad to tell you that the responses have been overwhelming. Over 500 HSU members in the ACT have told us they are proud to have been vaccinated and want to be recognised. HSU members have been a shining light throughout the pandemic, and this is no exception. Our community looks to you for hope and inspiration.

Thank you again for your dedication.