We did it! HSU aged care members secure full 15% interim pay rise!

The Fair Work Commission has just issued an historic decision in the HSU’s Aged Care Work Value Case – agreeing with HSU members that the full 15% pay rise will be awarded and not split over multiple years.

This is an incredible victory and has only come after years of dedicated campaigning by HSU members, who simply refused to give up.

Today’s decisions means that the Award pay rates for Personal Carers, RAOs (leisure and lifestyle officers), Head Chefs and Home Carers will be increased by the full 15% from 30 June this year.

While this is a great decision that will provide significant pay rises for many aged care workers, HSU members are still fighting for our full 25% pay rise and for all classifications to be covered – including Food Service Assistants, Cleaners, Laundry Workers and Administration staff. And we won’t stop fighting until all aged care workers are paid properly.

Today’s outcome demonstrates HSU members at our best – united, determined and unrelenting. Today is a win for each and every HSU member who is playing a part in changing aged care for the better.

Do you know someone who hasn’t joined the HSU? Tell them about what HSU members achieved today and why they should be part of changing aged care. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.