Wesley Tebbutt Dundas Closure Update

Since announcing that the facility would close, management have been going through a process of trying to place staff into suitable roles that are vacant across the organisation by providing a list of vacancies and expression of interest forms to be completed and returned. While I encourage members to explore opportunities to maintain employment, I want to be clear you cannot be placed into a role that isn’t suitable unless you agree.

Your Organiser, Nandy Bhandari, has written to Wesley Tebbutt management with a series of questions from members and their response appears below. For any further questions or concerns, please contact Nandy at [E-Mail not displayed].

“The commencement of the formal notice period for staff is subject to finding suitable homes for the residents and consultation process with staff, but due to experiencing COVID-19 positive outbreaks in our residential aged care facilities the process of finding suitable homes for the residents has been affected. We will update the staff and the union as soon as possible regarding the effect these circumstances may have on the centre’s anticipated closing date and on the commencement of the formal notice period. We will remain focused on finding alternative jobs in Wesley Mission for as many staff as possible. We have received a limited number of EOI (expressions of interest) from staff, stating their preferred alternative position so, we have extended the original date. In relation to those staff who have provided preferences, we intend to meet them to discuss their options this week.”

Understandably this is very stressful time for all staff, and it is important to keep asking questions and provide feedback. The HSU will be available throughout the change process to represent members.

 It is important that members know their rights in any change process:

  • You have the right to be consulted about the change. That gives you the right to raise any issues with the change and management must give consideration to those issues.
  • You have the right to say NO! Only with your agreement should a redundancy or redeployment to a comparable position should take place. Do not sign anything you are not happy with.
  • You have the right for the changes to be put to you in writing and time to consider them.
  • You have the right to representation! Ensure you are represented by the HSU. If you are affected, contact the HSU if you would like individual representation in the consultation process.

We can only represent HSU members during this process. Encourage your workmates to join online at www.hsu.asn.au/join or phone 1300 478 679.